Moving Day #100DaysOfCode


Today, I loaded up the car and moved closer to my coding boot camp, @TechElevator. The excitement and adrenaline have kept me going strong all day! After having almost everything unpacked, however, I finally hit a wall when I realized:



D13/D14: #100DaysofCode Log


Day 13 – 8/4/2017

A little bit more JS practice, and spent time watching a few Free Code Camp videos.

Day 14 – 8/7/2017


If you look closely at the dates, you should notice that I missed a few days in there. In addition to life throwing me some gut punches lately, I’m also preparing to move closer to Tech Elevator! So, I’ve been spending some quality time with family and packing up my things. Tomorrow is my big moving day!

Today was full-force back into JS!  Also, I caught up on some more Free Code Camp videos from Beau Carnes. His JavaScript Basics course is entirely online, and he also has playlists broken up into topics. Check it all out here!

D12: #100DaysOfCode Log


Day 12 – 8/3/17

Today, I went searching for resources to run tests on my code, to be able to see changes in real-time, and to help with debugging. JS Bin and Web Toolkit Online were the two winners of the day.

Most importantly, I finished 17 more JavaScript lessons on Free Code Camp!



D11: #100DaysOfCode Log


Day 11 – 8/2/2017

Wrote my first couple of JavaScript apps! The first app prompts the user for his or her first name/last name/age, then outputs the information in sentence form in the console. The second one is an age calculator that converts years to days (even taking into consideration leap years) and then displays a special message in the console.


It was fun to finally write code that performs actions! Afterward, I did a little happy dance of accomplishment and then pushed my creations to GitHub. Then to finish my day, I completed 11 more JavaScript lessons on Free Code Camp.


D10: #100DaysOfCode Log


Day 10 – 8/1/17

Continued working through the JavaScript section of Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp.  Tested the keyboard shortcuts, commands, and markdowns for Ryver. Set my goals for the month of August!


D8/D9: #100DaysOfCode Log


Day 8 – 7/29/17

JavaScript focused day. Worked on Free Code Camp, referenced W3 Schools, watched some videos.

Day 9 – 7/30/17

More JavaScript. Today I went back and spent some time on Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp course on Udemy, because I feel I need more in-depth explanation and opportunities to practice.

7/31/17 – migraine ate my entire day

D6/D7: #100DaysOfCode Log


Day 6 – 7/27/2017

Continued working through Free Code Camp’s JavaScript unit, read some articles on Medium and HackerNoon, watched TED talk On Being Wrong by Karen Schultz for my boot camp pre-work.

Day 7 – 7/28/2017

Even though I already had a Cloud9 account, I made a different one with my mandyarn username and then connected it to both my GitHub and BitBucket. I created a public Node.JS workspace that I will use later when I do the Git unit on Free Code Camp as part of my boot camp pre work.  I also installed GitHub Desktop, but didn’t get the chance to see how much more helpful that will be for me. I already have GitHub and use Git Bash. After I did all of that, I spent more time working on Free Code Camp JS.